UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Paragraph 4.2.2 c) 

The question: “paragraph 4.2.2. c) which requires that the quality manual should include a description of interactions between the processes of Quality Management System.  To the question “does the standard require for the manual to include also a description of the processes”? The official response is NO. The standard does not require a documentation with the description of processes (which can be prepared if considered necessary by the organization). The standard is not related to specific types of processes (primary, realization, support, secondary). However, the connection between point 4.2.2c) and 4.1 b) of the standard requires that the organization should “determine the sequence and the interactions” between processes, which can be established even in another document and not necessarily in the quality manual.


UNI EN ISO 9001 paragraph 7.2.1

Contractual dates of delivery of a product should always be considered as part of “requirements specified by the customer”?

The answer is yes. The delivery date (as well as the mode) is an element of the contract with the client that the certified organization must respect.