Since 2005, Q.C.B. Italia established the prize TOP PERFORMANCE.
This award is given annually to organizations certified by Q.C.B. Italia who have demonstrated their quality performance based on the following objective parameters:

  • lower number and impact of major and minor findings during initial and surveillance audits in the last three years of certification;
  • short time for the closing of any  major or minor findings by sending  timely corrective actions to our CB;
  • no additional audit performed;
  • no complaints received from Q.C.B. Italia by the customers of certified organizations

For the year 2016 the best organization certified by Q.C.B. Italia was:


  Cebora S.p.a.
  Via Andrea Costa, 24 Frazione Cadriano
  40057 Granarolo dell’Emilia (BO) Italy
   Ph.: +39 051/765000
   Fax: +39 051/765222